Our beverages do not contain any tea leaves, but they are processed exactly like teas. Our beverages contain fruits and flowers with no tea leaves, so we call our beverages "herbal teas".
According to Livestrong, "Hibiscus could induce your uterus to begin contracting, which could result in a miscarriage" due to the emmenagogue effects.
Our website uses a PayPal API, so you can feel safe and secure when purchasing our beverages. When you click on "Add to Cart" on a selected beverage, you will be redirected to the PayPal shopping cart. And from there, you may choose to pay via PayPal.
Currently, our Rosenwild beverages are purchased via stores. We are soon to add the Rosenwild beverages online.
Our Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower, Blueberry, Honey Hibiscus, and Ginger Lemon contain natural sugars due to natural sweetness from fruits and flowers.

Our Rosenwild beverages, Dark Sugar Hibiscus, and Sweetened Lemon contain brown sugar.